Jette Hopp (Snøhetta) | How does architecture tackle modern challenges?


Norway's Snøhetta has designed countless architectural masterpieces around the world, and Jette Hopp, Director of Acquisition & Business Development Europe, tells us about specific projects, achievements and future challenges. In conversation with host Martin Pauli, Hopp explores the evolving role of the architect as integrator, emphasizing the need to address the complexities of construction, materials, and sustainability. Hopp is optimistic about the future, but also aware of the huge responsibility architects have to meet climate targets.

  1. Architectural evolution in response to challenges: Architects are adapting to changing challenges, including the health crisis, by becoming integrators of multiple disciplines. The role extends beyond design to include considerations such as construction methods, material sustainability, and embodied carbon.

  2. Focus on sustainability and climate resilience: There is a notable shift towards preparing buildings for climate change, emphasizing adaptability and resilience. Landscape and biodiversity play a crucial role in urban development, and there is a growing emphasis on reusing existing structures to reduce environmental impact.

  3. Balancing global and local considerations: Architectural practices are evolving to balance global competence with local context, respecting local cultures and societies. Collaboration with other specialist disciplines is becoming increasingly important, and there is a commitment to maintaining a human-centered perspective in design.

||||| PEOPLE ||||| 👤 Guest: Jette Hopp, Director of Acquisition and Business Development at Snøhetta 🗣 Host: Martin Pauli, Director and Global Leader Circular Economy Services at Arup

||||| ABOUT ||||| 👉 In the ndion podcast, the German Design Council invites interesting people from various industries and talks to them about topics from the field of tension between design, brand and innovation. They ask about the current challenges in transformation, about megatrends and micro-tools, about lessons learned and the most important dos and don'ts.


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:04:55) The pressure of current problems in architecture

(00:11:51) How to achieve a holistic net positive building

(00:18:54) Upcoming challenges for Snøhetta's architecture

(00:25:06) What is the modern role of architects?

(00:31:43) New paradigms at our universities

(00:34:05) Lanscape: Integration of architecture into nature

(00:38:04) Working with existing buildings

(00:45:00) Summary

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